3 Best WordPress Themes

Sep 15, 2021

I’m going to explain three of some of the best WordPress themes on the market so that you can easily build a premium and professional-looking website without writing one line of code.


1. Divi Theme For Wordpress

I personally use Divi for my AnalyticsExplained.com website.


I’ve tried several Wordpres themes in the past and, based on my personal experience, Divi is far superior to all of them. There’s not even a contest.


Divi for Wordpress is for people who want the highest possible customization options for building visually stunning websites. You could use this theme and Wordpress to build any type of website you can imagine.


Not only that, it allows you to build websites that actually look professional without the need for coding skills. Most Wordpress themes either lack functionality or they’re so cumbersome to use, you’ll probably never reach the visually-stunning results that you’re probably seeking.


Here are some of its differentiating features:

  • It comes with 800 pre-made website layouts
  • It has the highest customization options I’ve ever seen when it comes to the layout of page objects, fonts, animations, footers, and more.
  • You can save custom-made page and page object templates and use them anywhere you want throughout your website.
  • You can easily add video backgrounds to your home pages and you can add image backgrounds with the parallax effect.
  • And there are dozens of pre-made design elements that you can easily drag and drop to your page including call to actions, email optins, pricing tables, contact forms, testimonials, and more.


2. Elementor

According to their website, over 5 million people downloaded Elementor at some point. Part of the reason why so many people have tried it is because they offer a free version. And you can get familiar with it for a while before using it.


It has many of the same functionalities as Divi and its excellent popup builder seems to differentiate it from other themes.


3. Avado

Here are some quick facts about it:

  • It’s the #1 highest selling Wordpress theme of all time
  • It comes with 82 prebuilt websites and 400+ prebuilt web pages as of this recording.
  • And it includes several bundled plugins.


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