5 Best Website Builders To Use in 2021

Jul 14, 2021

I’m going to show you 5 of some of the best website builders on the market so that you can easily build a premium website that attracts visitors and generates sales.


1. Kajabi

This is what I personally use for BusinessExplained.com and I’m thoroughly impressed with it.


Kajabi is for people who want to easily sell courses, coaching programs, membership programs, or any digital product you can imagine.


It contains a fully-functional website builder, an email marketing system, course creation software, a comprehensive blog feature, and more. It allows you to create pipelines that help to connect webpages together so that you gradually introduce offers and upsell them. It also lets you easily build email sequences that trigger whenever someone subscribes to your email list.


Most of the best courses I purchased in the past were on the Kajabi platform. And many of the most popular entrepreneurs on the internet use Kajabi to sell their courses and programs.


I’ve been using Kajabi for a couple of months and here are a few of my impressions of it:

  • It’s far easier to use than I expected. I was able to simply copy and paste text and images from around 20 – 30 Wordpress blog posts to Kajabi blog posts in only one day.
  • It has the best customer support I’ve ever experienced for any website builder. It’s easy to contact customer service to get any issue resolved within a day. I’ve only used Wordpress in the past with custom themes, and I was largely on my own when technical issues occured.
  • It was easy to transfer email subscribers from Mailchimp to Kajabi’s email system. I simply needed to export those email subscribers to a csv file, import that file to Kajabi, and with a couple of window prompts, the transfer was complete.
  • Creating a course was incredibly easy with Kajabi. I can have any page or blog post on my website direct users to the sales page or checkout page for my course with a few clicks.
  • You can create offers for you products and services, which allow you to sell any combination of products and services that you want. It also makes it incredibly easy to upsell and cross sell your products at any stage of a sales funnel that your customers are in.


2. Divi Theme for Wordpress

I personally use Divi for my AnalyticsExplained.com website.


Divi for Wordpress is for people who want the highest possible customization options for building visually stunning websites. There are countless ways you can customize the layout of page objects, fonts, animations, footers, and more. You could use this theme and Wordpress to build any type of website you can imagine.


As of this recording, I use Divi for my AnalyticsExplained.com website and I’ve been using it for a few years.


As I mentioned, this is a theme for Wordpress and you need at least some technical knowledge in order to use Wordpress in the long run. Here are a few things you need to know before using Wordpress:

  • There is a possibility of things going wrong that could be caused by a plugin conflict, a setting that needs to changed in a backend file, and more.
  • Every couple of years or so, you may need to edit backend files, which might be too risky and hands-on for some people. You’ll have to make sure that you always backup your site before you do this.
  • You need to take security moderately seriously and ensure you’re using security plugins that help mitigate potential security issues.


3. Squarespace

Squarespace is highly popular and it’s for people who want to use the simplest option for creating any type of website. If you’re not planning to sell anything in particular and you don’t consider yourself technical, most likely Squarespace will meet your needs.


Also, I used in for a couple of months and I was able to create a website that looked great within the first few days of using it.


One thing you should know is, as of this recording, it lacks a sidebar option for blog posts. But, you can download a separate sidebar plugin for that functionality.


4. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is for people who want to create marketing and sales funnels that make it easy to upsell and cross sell products to your customers as they progress through those funnels.


If you ever purchase a product online and you were immediately taken to a couple of other webpages where you were offered more expensive products to add to your order, you were probably in a Clickfunnels funnel.


At the end of each funnel, your customers would be taken to a membership area (hosted by Clickfunnels) containing your offerings.


An additional perk is the huge amount of training available for Clickfunnels and training on most factors related to running any type of digital online business. In fact, Russel Brunson has an excellent trilogy of books about sales funnels and building website traffic that I highly recommend regardless of whether you’re using Clickfunnels or not. I’ll leave URLs to those books in the video description below.


5. Shopify

Shopify is the best website builder for people who want to sell physical products.


It provides all the tools you need to sell products, manage orders, manage shipping, create and analyze digital marketing campaigns, and more.


I’ll leave URLs to all of these website builders and the books I mentioned in the video description below.


Some links in this description are affiliate links.


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