The Future of Tesla Bot: 7 Potential Use Cases

Sep 16, 2021

Elon Musk recently introduced the new Tesla Bot, a robot designed to handle repetitive and dangerous activities for personal and commercial purposes.


This bot and others like it could eventually address a variety of use cases such as:


1. Space Missions to Mars

Temperatures on Mars average about -81 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, on the trip to Mars, humans are at risk of being exposed to high levels of harmful radiation.


Tesla Bots could assist with the initial space missions to Mars to mitigate the risk to humans. They could perform dangerous and repetitive activities like:

  • Transporting equipment and parts on the Mars surface for endless weeks and months
  • Setting up equipment on the Mar’s surface
  • And the maintenance and repairing of that equipment


There’s also the issue of teaching these robots new skills.


Currently, Tesla trains its automobiles to handle a high variety of driving situations by training the car AI in simulations of our real world. The car AI is presented with a multitude of unique driving situations to build its readiness for the randomness of real life. Similarly, the AI for a Tesla Bot could be trained to handle a multitude of unique situations in a simulated world.


Toyota Research Institute has its own functional humanoid robot prototype and came up with another solution to this. Humans can use virtual reality headsets to see live data from the robots and remotely operate those robots. Using virtual reality headsets, humans can teach those robots new behaviors that are associated with objects in the robot’s surrounding environment.


Tesla could use virtual reality in a similar way.  Or more interestingly, Tesla could use neural ink implants to remotely control the Tesla Bots with high responsiveness and exactness. That brings me to the next use case.


2. Transferring Memories from Humans to Robots

Elon Musk shared some remarkable insights at his Nueralink event in 2020.


According to Elon Musk at his Nueralink event in 2020, Neuralink devices will be able to save and replay memories. Not only that, he also said that memories could be downloaded to new bodies or robot bodies.


And in 2021, the Neuralink company posted a video where they explained how they were able to record and predict the motor functions of a monkey playing a ping pong video game. They were able to mathematically model the relationship between patterns of neural activity and the various joystick movements those patterns produced. As a result, this monkey was able to control movements in the video game with only its thoughts.


The ability to transfer memories and neural patterns from humans to Tesla Bots opens up a ton of possibilities like:

  • Transferring individual memories to Tesla Bots to quickly teach them specific skills requiring hand-eye coordination
  • Transferring specific memories and skills from a Tesla Bot to a human
  • And most mind-boggling of all, eventually having the ability to transfer a person’s entire consciousness to a Tesla Bot, which could to a certain extent, allow that person to live forever


3. Household Work

In the future, a Tesla Bot might perform basic menial work like:

  • Folding laundry
  • Packing lunch boxes
  • Cleaning dishes
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Lawn mowing


Samsung already has a prototype that can perform many of these functions.


All of this would give us more time to spend time with our families, focus on more creative activities, and delve into our favorite hobbies.


It would understand voice commands so that when you tell the robot to do something, it acknowledges your command and then immediately begins that activity.


4. Security and Surveillance

A Tesla Bot could be sold with a Tesla-branded home security system or it could work seamlessly with popular security systems on the market via API.  The entire package could include the bot itself, cameras, sensors, and an accompanying smartphone app.


A tesla bot could use machine vision, motion detection, and anomaly detection capabilities to ensure that if anything unusual occurs around your property, it will immediately notify you. For example, an anomaly detection feature would be particularly interesting because the bot could use all of its integrated cameras to intermittently scan the environment outside of your home and its memory would easily retain all of that information down to the pixel level. If an unusual object, such as a new parked car, is within view of those cameras, you could immediately know about it.


If you’re away from your home, it could send automated status updates to you via a smartphone app, text, or email. And if an emergency occurs, it could automatically call emergency responders to handle the situation.


Tesla could also sell bots for commercial purposes that patrol restricted areas, dangerous environments, and war zones so that its cameras could scan more sections of a surrounding environment than a normal camera could. Perhaps, these bots could come fitted with night vision capabilities and temperature, gas, or radioactivity sensors.


5. Factory and Warehouse Work

A Tesla Bot could perform basic and repetitive functions like:

  • Moving boxes and crates
  • Stacking boxes
  • Counting and auditing inventory


6. Information and Entertainment

According to this chart, a high percentage of people use Alexa for things like music, weather, news, and jokes.


 It would make sense for a home-based robot to also have the capability to perform activities like:

  • Suggesting helpful information related to specific situations
  • Providing curated news and weather updates
  • Playing a variety of audio clips
  • Playing music
  • Telling jokes


New skills like this and more could be continually uploaded to Tesla Bots from Tesla’s datacenters similar to how software features are continually uploaded to Tesla cars.


7. Elderly and Handicap Assistance

According to a report by the United Nations, the global population aged 65 years and above was 703 million in 2020. The number of elderly people is projected to double by 2050 to reach 1.5 billion.


Tesla Bots could help with activities like:

  • Moving elderly and disabled people from room to room
  • Preparing medication
  • Alerting home care nurses or emergency services whenever a person is unresponsive



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