Future Of ChatGPT: 10 Ways It Will Change The World

Feb 18, 2023

How will ChatGPT change our society in the next few years? Here are ten ideas.


1. Robots With Human-Level AI Could Start To Emerge

Within a few years, language models such as ChatGPT could achieve human-level intelligence or at least get very close to it.


It could be commonplace to see high-end humanoid robots that can maintain conversations at the same level as humans. Even their AI-generated voices could sound very convincing to us. Additionally, we’ll likely see virtual characters in VR environments with the same capabilities.


By 2035, these types of AIs could evolve into Artificial General Intelligences, which can perform any intellectual task that a human can perform. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, also believes that at least one Artificial General Intelligence could exist by 2035..


2. Jarvis-Like Virtual Assistants Could Become Commonplace

ChatGPT could lead to virtual assistants as soon as this year. And these virtual assistants will get exponentially more life-like over time.


They could help you pass job interviews, say all the right things during dates, locate the ingredients for food recipes in grocery stores, and help you navigate through a foreign country.


Soon, we could access them using augmented reality glasses, smart speakers, smartphones, and more.


If we provide them with our goals and objectives, they could even suggest various approaches, products, and services to help us reach those goals. By interacting with them using an upvote and downvote system, their suggestions will get more accurate over time.



3. Most Search Engines Could Include AI-Generated Results

Most major search engines, including Google, could incorporate AI-generated results that would display in parallel with top-ranking web pages. This would give users a more comprehensive perspective on literally any topic on Earth.


4. Movie And Show Production Will Become Much Easier

Increasingly, we’ll see increased integration of language models with AI art generators.

Not only could language models speed up the script writing process and remove writer’s block, they could also provide real-time generation of storyboards for each scene.


They could also suggest videos, images, and virtual environments to give us a clearer idea of how characters and the worlds they live in should look.


5. Education Could Be Tremendously Enhanced

Language models could help students understand concepts for topics such as math, history, and science from almost any perspective imaginable. When these AIs are integrated with AI art generators, people could gain access to AI-generated videos, images, and 3d assets to further enhance their understanding. This could lead to a noticeable increase in test scores in every nation with access to the internet.


6. Corporate Chatbots Could Become 10 Times More Effective

Chatbots on company websites could answer any question about a company’s products in a tailored way for every encounter. It could almost feel like you’re speaking to an actual employee of a company.


7. Software Development Could Become Much Faster

We could see increased automation in most areas of software development, including mobile apps, movie CGI, and video games.


Most software development projects could have their cycle times cut by 10% or more.


8. AIs Could Provide Amazing Mental Health Support

If a person provides adequate information to language models, such as their ambitions, problems, and how they’re currently feeling, language models could give them an entirely new perspective on life.


They could provide countless approaches to reach their goals, countless solutions to the problems they’re currently facing, and countless ways to view life from a more optimistic point of view.


These AIs could make people feel more excited, hopeful, and cheerful about life in general.


9. Social Media Bots Could Begin To Reach Human-Level

Social media companies could distribute human-level bots on their platforms to provide new ways of educating and entertaining visitors. Soon, companies and individuals could distribute their own advanced bots that serve a variety of purposes. When this happens, misinformation on the internet could skyrocket to new levels.


10. Language Models Could Help Us Develop New Technologies

According to Sam Altan, CEO of OpenAI, ChatGPT is not able to create new knowledge. But, in 5 to 15 years, this could radically change. When language models and related systems gain more capabilities, they could be used to develop quantum computers, help with developing cures to diseases, enable longer lifespans for humans, and help develop faster spacecraft.


This will only become more and more prevalent as these AIs become more general and start to gain super intelligence.


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