7 Best Books for Entrepreneurs (MUST READ)

Jul 15, 2021

I’m going to tell you 7 of some of the best books for entrepreneurs that will help you gain the knowledge you need to start and grow any type of business.


1. Dotcom Secrets

This book was written by Russell Brunson. He’s the owner of ClickFunnels, which allows you to build marketing and sales funnels to sell any type of product you sell online.


This book was far more valuable than I initially expected and I wish I read it 3 to 4 years ago when it was first published. It covers concepts such as:

  • Construction and optimizing sales funnels
  • How to find and attract your ideal customer
  • How to build a brand by telling stories that resonate with audiences
  • Types of sales funnels to use for your business


Additionally, I highly recommend Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets. I literally have 50 pages of notes from all of these books because they were so insightful. I’ll leave URLs to those books in the video description below.


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2. Shoe Dog

This book was written by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike. It goes into great detail about his experiences in starting and building this company from the ground up.


It delves into many of the common issues that entrepreneurs need to face when starting a business including:

  • The patience, determination, and grit that you need to maintain over many months and years
  • The fact that your family and friends won’t understand you at your earliest stages
  • How you’ll come across numerous adversities and failures as you’re building a business and how you need to learn from those experiences to successfully continue on your path.


3. Mastery

This book was written by Robert Greene, one of my favorite authors. I read all of his other books, but Mastery is most related to the field of entrepreneurship.


It covers topics such as:

  • Using your emotional inclinations and passions to find your life’s purpose
  • Learning from people who are further along on your life’s journey
  • The importance of determination and patience
  • Avoiding false paths in life that don’t align with your values and interests—if you start a business and money is your only motivation, you’ll risk getting burned out after only a few months or shortly afterwards


And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg in this very comprehensive book.


4. Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy was written by W. Chan Kim & Renée A. Mauborgne.


In the book, Blue Ocean Strategy, the terms “red ocean” and “blue ocean” were introduced.


In red oceans, industry boundaries are well-defined, and the competitive rules of the game are known. In this type of ocean, companies try to outperform their rivals to grab a greater share of existing market demand.


By contrast, blue oceans are unknown market spaces that are untainted by competition. In blue oceans, profitable demand is created rather than fought over.


The Blue Ocean Strategy provides numerous approaches to help you reach customers that either did not exist before in your industry or were underserved in your industry.


A number of tools and frameworks are also introduced in this book. You can access those tools right away by going to this webpage. I’ll leave a URL below.


5. Business Model Generation

This book helps you summarize the business model for a business idea or an existing business on a single sheet of paper. It covers:

  • The 9 building blocks of business models
  • The aspects to consider within each building block
  • How to consider different versions of your business model for future contingencies


Additionally, you can download the business model canvas and other related canvases on this website. The URL for it is in the video description below.


6. Innovator’s Solution

This book by Clayton M. Christensen & Michael E. Raynor. Many people consider this the best book on disruptive innovation ever written.


A Disruptive Innovation is an innovation that transforms an existing market or industry by introducing simplicity, convenience, accessibility, and affordability where complication and high-cost have become the status quo.


A business is disruptive to existing companies in an industry when it offers value to the market in novel and imaginative ways. Also, being disruptive in an industry attracts customers that were previously hesitant to buying offerings in that industry.


This book is a follow-up to Clayton M. Christensen’s other book, The Innovator's Dilemma.


7. Value Proposition Design

This book was written by Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Gregory Bernarda, and Alan Smith.

A value proposition summarizes why a consumer should buy a company’s product or service. A value proposition should convince potential customers that they’ll get more value from a product or service than they would from other offerings.


One of the best ways to utilize the concept of value propositions is to use the value proposition canvas, which is introduced in this book. Also, using this canvas to analyze customer segments is one of the best starting points to brainstorm business ideas.


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