7 Best Business Ideas for Smart Passive Income in 2021

Apr 28, 2021

In this article, I’ll provide 7 business ideas for smart passive income.


1. Create a Course

Share your knowledge with a course hosted on your own website or on any number of course marketplaces. Ideally, you would host a premium, high-priced course on your own website and an email list containing prospective and current customers that you could cross sell and upsell to as you create more courses and digital products. Additionally, the elearning market is projected to grow to at least 300 billion dollars by the year 2025. Examples of course platforms you could use include:

💻 Teachable
💻 Kajabi – All-in-One Solution for your Knowledge Business (Free Trial):
💻 Thinkific


2. Design and Sell T-Shirts and Other Apparel (Print-on-Demand)

Create designs for t-shirts and other apparel and sell them on print-on-demand platforms. According to Statista and other sources, the custom t-shirt printing market will grow significantly by the year 2025. Examples of print-on-demand platforms you could use include:

💻 Teespring
💻 RedBubble
💻 Merch by Amazon


3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing allows you create URLs and offer web banners to other peoples’ products and allows you make a percentage off each sale. Affiliate marketing usually involves creating content that helps a niche audience and offering affiliate links to related products. As a general rule, you’ll probably make about 10 times more money from affiliate marketing than from ad revenue. Examples of affiliate platforms you could use are:

💻 Amazon Associates Central
💻 Impact
💻 RakutenAdvertising


4. Start a YouTube Channel

Offer explanations, tutorials, product reviews, inspiration, and entertainment in video format. Examples of key phrase analysis tools you could use for YouTube are:

 💻 VidIQ
💻 TubeBuddy


5. Start a Niche Blog Website

Offer tutorials, product reviews, and more on your own website. And also make money from affiliate marketing and advertisements. Starting a blog on your own website gives you control over the placement of banners for affiliate products and ads, which could lead to higher long-term profits. And as an alternative, you could publish articles on Medium.com and LinkedIn for exposure to large audiences. Examples of website builders you could use include:

💻 Squarespace - Easy-To-Use Website Templates & Tools (Free Trial):
💻 Wix
💻 Elegant Themes - Most Popular WordPress Themes in the World (Free Trial):
💻 Kajabi – All-in-One Solution for your Knowledge Business (Free Trial):


6. Start a Podcast

Start a podcast show and distribute it on platforms such as iTunes. You can also repurpose your podcast content and use it on your YouTube channel. Examples of podcast tools you could use are:

💻 BuzzSprout
💻 Transistor
💻 Anchor
💻 Libsyn
💻 PodBean


7. Sell Design Templates

You can speed peoples’ workflows by creating and selling design templates with software and services such as Canva, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Wordpress, and so forth. Examples of marketplaces you could use are:

💻 Envato Market
💻 Etsy


BONUS: Write a Book or eBook

Share your knowledge in the Kindle, physical copy, or audiobook formats. Books typically sell at a low price, but this approach can work if you can sell to a high number of people. Books can I also serve as lead magnets that could lead customers to your website where you could sell higher-priced products and services. Amazon Kindle and Gumroad are examples of platforms you could use to sell books.

💻 Amazon Kindle
💻 Gumroad


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