7 Best Types of Digital Products to Sell Online in 2021

May 14, 2021

Digital products are the easiest and most profitable types of products to sell online. They allow you to continuously make money off them long after you create them and place them for sale on the internet.


In this article, I’ll explain 7 types of digital products to sell online.


1. Create a Course

Share your knowledge with a course hosted on your own website or on any number of course marketplaces. Ideally, you would host a premium, high-priced course on your own website and you would have an email list containing prospective and current customers that you could cross sell and upsell to as you create more courses and digital products. Additionally, the elearning market is projected to grow to at least 300 billion dollars by the year 2025. Examples of course platforms you could use include:

💻 Teachable
💻 Kajabi – All-in-One Solution for your Knowledge Business (Free Trial):
💻 Thinkific


2. Sell Photos, Video Clips, and Songs

there are many platforms where you can sell these types of products. Some of the main platforms are:

💻 Envato Market
💻 Storyblocks


You can also put your songs on Spotify and get royalties every month as people stream your songs. You can offer to have music-themed YouTube channels to stream your music as well, which would increase your royalties every month.


3. Design and Sell T-Shirts and Other Apparel (Print-on-Demand)

Create designs for t-shirts and other apparel and sell them on print-on-demand platforms. According to Statista and other sources, the custom t-shirt printing market will grow significantly by the year 2025. Examples of print-on-demand platforms you could use include:

💻 Teespring
💻 RedBubble
💻 Merch by Amazon


4. Sell Design Templates

You can speed peoples’ workflows by creating and selling design templates with software and services such as Canva, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Wordpress, and so forth. Examples of marketplaces you could use are:

💻 Envato Market
💻 Etsy


5. Sell Software Extensions and Plugins

You can help people use their software packages more efficiently by creating extensions and plugins; examples of software packages include Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft Excel, and more. The biggest and most well-known marketplace where you can sell these types of products is:

💻 Envato Market


6. Write a Book or eBook

Share your knowledge in the Kindle, physical copy, or audiobook formats. Books typically sell at a low price, but this approach can work if you can sell to a high number of people. You can also use books to direct potential customers to your website where you could sell higher-priced products and services to them. Amazon Kindle and Gumroad are examples of popular platforms you could use to sell books.

💻 Amazon Kindle
💻 Gumroad


7. Sell Websites and Domains

if you have website domains for sale, you may find willing buyers on the following platforms:

💻 Flippa
💻 GoDaddy Auctions


Estimating the monetary value of your website domains isn’t always easy. Some tools that might help with that are:

💻 Godaddy’s Domain Name Value & Appraisal Tool


💻 SitePrice.org



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