AI Tools in 2030: Top 5 Future Technologies

Feb 18, 2023

In 2030, Ai-generated art is advancing far faster than most people ever expected. For example:


1. AIs Can Generate Photorealistic Videos

AIs are able to use text to generate lifelike video clips of anything we can imagine in seconds. These video clips can range from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The most advanced AI models can create videos even longer than that.


Movie studios are starting to skip traditional CGI approaches to create video clips of the most stunning situations the world has ever seen. This approach is thousands of times faster than what was possible 10 years earlier.


Anyone with access to an internet connection can create fan films that depict popular and well-known characters in new situations.


And it’s become commonplace for people to create videos of themselves in impossible scenarios, including running from dinosaurs and walking on the surface of the sun.


The usage of AI-generated video is skyrocketing on video platforms, especially when it comes to topics such as fantasy, science fiction, and anime.


Commercials and music videos are using this technology on a regular basis as well.


From here on out, AI-generated video clips will only get longer and more believable.


2. Virtual Environments And 3d Objects Are Now AI-Generated

Entire 3d environments can be generated by AI, and they’re becoming increasingly more detailed and complex.  Using only a text prompt, anyone can create a lush forest with trees, lakes, and wildlife. And they can create a sprawling city with pedestrians walking on every street corner.


This innovation is starting to speed up video game development. Games that used to take several years to make are starting to have their production times cut in half.


And AIs create CGI assets thousands of times faster than was possible 15 years ago. As a result, the production of blockbuster movies and shows is being streamlined as well.


3. AIs Can Create Better Music Than Some Of The World’s Top Musicians

These AIs are able to access huge databases of melodies and musical notes from nearly every song ever recorded. And they’re using this information to create some of the best original music that humans have ever heard.


These songs are becoming custom-engineered to generate specific emotions in most humans. And they’re quickly becoming the top streamed songs in some genres. AIs are able to exhibit the most versatility in the classical music genre because of the high variation of instruments and complexity of approaches involved. Movie, show, and video game production companies are starting to use this music for their soundtracks.


4. Every Form Of 2d Art Is Becoming Mostly AI-Generated

This includes posters, comic books, magazine covers, T-shirt designs, and billboards.


Practically, every company on earth is using AI-generated art.


It’s also possible to change any characteristic of an existing photo without the use of photoshop and other graphics editing software. With a simple text prompt, you can change the weather and the time of day. You can replace people and objects in any image in under one minute. You can even rotate objects and determine how everything in a picture would look from an entirely different point of view.


It’s becoming almost a necessity for artists to use AI tools to some extent. And artists with the highest artist skill and unique style are still in high demand.


However, a troubling black market is also growing as a result of image generation and other related technologies. Governments are creating new laws to combat this.


5. AIs Can Replicate Real Human Voices

It’s starting to become impossible to distinguish an AI voice from an average human voice. AIs are able to consistently use a wide range of notes, melodies, and expressiveness in their speech to make them enjoyable to listen to.


In fact, small video game companies are starting to use AIs to voice characters in their games. Even book authors are starting to use AI voices to narrate their books.


However, AIs still aren’t as impressive as the best human voice actors in the world. But, some people believe that AIs will even surpass them by 2050.


Content creators on video platforms are starting to rely mostly on AI-generated voices, video clips, and music while still providing high-quality content. This is making the creation of original and engaging content dramatically more affordable and easier for most people.


As a result of all of these developments, humans are experiencing the biggest explosion of creativity in the last 500 years.


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