How to Build an Online Course (4 Quick Steps)

Jul 15, 2021

I’m going to explain 4 steps you could use to build an online course so that not only can you have a fantastic income source, but you could also use your knowledge and skills to help people.


Step 1: Get Your Course Idea

In order to get course ideas, you’ll want to look in three areas to get course ideas:

  • Strengths
  • Passions
  • Market opportunities


Your strengths include things such as skills and knowledge.


Passions include the topics that most interest you, the hobbies you enjoy, your personal values, and causes that most inspire you.


Market opportunities include:

  • Problems and obstacles that customers are experiencing
  • Fast-growing trends
  • Whether or not a key phrase in search engines is both high volume and growing according to key phrase analysis tools


If a course topic matches your strengths and your passions, and it satisfies a strong market need, you likely have yourself a winning course idea.


Optimally, you’ll want to ask prospective customers what you would like to cover in a course. You could even have these people beta test your course for free or with a significant discount to make sure your course actually solves their problem or helps to reach their goal.


Ideally, your course should take your customer from point A where they’re experiencing pain points and obstacles to point B where they are able to achieve their desired result.


Step 2: Plan Your Sections and Documents

Take your primary course idea and break it down into sections or steps. And then break those sections or steps into individual videos.


Try as best as possible to break down your course idea based on your ideal customer’s perspective.


You could order your course using any of these perspectives:

  • Beginner to advanced concepts
  • Broad to specific
  • Sequential steps from point A to point B in a process


Step 3: Write Your Script or video outlines

If your course is relatively long, a script would help you structure your thoughts in a way that would be most helpful to your students. Scripts help you make sure that your message is delivered in the right order and in a way that you can easily edit with a video editor later on.


For people that use scripts, the Parrot teleprompter would come in helpful.


Additionally, the YC Onion teleprompter is useful if you want to utilize wide-angle shots.


I’ll leave a link to that resource and the other resources I mention in this video in the video description below.


This smartphone app called “Teleprompter Premium” could be used with the Parrot teleprompter to display your scripts on a smartphone or tablet. Another great thing about this app is the fact that you can use a keyboard or game controller to control the movement of the script.


If you don’t like to use scripts, you could also outline your videos instead so that your presentation comes off as more fluid and conversational. But, there’s a greater risk that you’ll frequently lose your place as you try to edit your videos later, especially if you’re creating an extremely long course.


Step 4: Upload Your Course to a Course Platform

These are the three most popular course platforms you could consider.



This is what I personally use for and I love it.


Kajabi is for people who want to easily sell courses, coaching programs, membership programs, or any digital product you can imagine.


It contains a fully-functional website builder, an email marketing system, course creation software, a comprehensive blog feature, and more. It allows you to create pipelines that help to connect webpages together so that you gradually introduce offers and upsell them. It also lets you easily build email sequences that trigger whenever someone subscribes to your email list.



Teachable is for people who want to easily sell courses, coaching programs, and membership programs.


Teachable allows you to place a course or coaching program in a designated members area hosted by Teachable and connect that members area to your website.



Thinkific works similar to Teachable except it doesn’t offer a native feature for creating coaching programs.



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