How to Find your Niche in Business

Jul 15, 2021

I’m going to tell you how to find your niche in business by delving into 3 major factors that can make that possible.


In order to find your niche, you’ll want to look in three areas:

  • Strengths
  • Passions
  • Market opportunities



If you start a business in a niche that utilizes your strengths and your passions, and there’s a strong market need for that business, most likely, you’ve found a good niche.


If only one or two of these areas are met, you’re likely to face major issues in the long run that would hurt your chances of success.


Here are descriptions of each of those factors along with general examples:

  1. Strengths – What capabilities and advantages do you have that most other people do not? Examples of strengths include:
    • Knowledge Areas
    • Skill Sets
  2. Passions – What topics are most personally interesting and emotionally energizing to you? Examples of passions include:
    • Hobbies you enjoy
    • Topics that most interest you
    • Personal values
    • Causes that most inspire you


Additionally, you can tell you’re passionate about a topic when you love associating with people who are also interested in that topic. And if you start any type of business, you’ll want to make sure that you love serving and working with the customers of that business in the long run.


  1. Market Needs – What are some needs that you’re in a better position to serve than most other people? Examples of market needs include:
    • Problems and obstacles that customers are experiencing
    • Underserved needs of customers
    • Unsatisfaction of customers with the current products and services that they use
    • Market Gaps


A couple of the most common ways you can find market needs:

  • Identifying sub-par products and services in a niche that you can make better versions of
  • Using key phrase analysis tools to find key phrases with high volume and growing search volumes



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