How To Move Forward In Life When You Feel Stuck (12 Principles)

Apr 28, 2021

If you’re feeling stuck and you want to move forward in life and reach your goals at a faster pace, you came to right place.


 In this article, I’ll describe how to move forward in life when you feel stuck.


If you keep doing what you’re doing now, where do you see yourself in one year? You’ll make progress in some areas of your life but are they the areas that you care the most about? Are you going in the right direction?


To help you make the progress you want to make, I compiled a list of actions you can take today that could make a big difference in your life:

  1. Concentrate On One Major And Definite Goal In Life – If you direct your energy toward too many objectives at once, you won’t make enough progress in either direction. In order to move forward, you have to follow a singular path toward what you want to do most with your life.
  2. Elevate Your Thoughts And Beliefs – To a large degree, your present circumstances are the result of your past thoughts and beliefs. And your future will be the result of what you think and believe now. If you want to rise higher in life, your thoughts and beliefs have to be higher than your present circumstances. To elevate your thoughts, you have to continually expose yourself to quality information that is relevant to your goals. And if your beliefs are limiting your potential, here’s my question to you: What do you have to believe to reach the next level in your life? How much farther could you go and how much more confident would you be if you removed all doubts and believed that nothing could stop you from reaching the next level?
  3. Aim High – Think about the goals you have set for yourself. Are they really the most that you are capable of achieving? Chances are, you’re better than you think and you can do things that you previously never thought possible. If the goals you have set for yourself are low or only average, aim at least 2 to 5 times higher and focus on the reasons why you can achieve them. If you set mediocre goals for yourself, you’ll get mediocre results at best. If you set outstanding goals for yourself, you’ll at least give yourself a wider range where you can get the type of results that you really want.
  4. Focus On What You Can Control – A lot of people focus too much on factors that they can’t control of and end up not making a move at all. Instead, you should focus on the activities that you can do starting today. If you continue making progress toward your goal, you’ll learn things, connect with people, and gain access to resources that you never anticipated. And because of that, you’ll gradually gain the capability to handle many of the forces you can’t control now at a later date.
  5. Give More Than You Receive – If you give the world the best that you have to offer, you’re likely to be rewarded in ways that you probably least expect. Anything that is noteworthy is only attainable by first giving something of equal or greater value.
  6. Do What You Love – Only by doing what you love will you have adequate motivation and persistence during times of difficulty. One of the best ways to start doing this is to look at your habits, interests, and values and find ways create a business or find an occupation that is closely relates to them.
  7. Develop Your Strengths – Because of factors like life experiences, heredity, and environmental influences, you have strengths or the potential for strengths that most people do not have. Your strengths are your best asset for moving passed the physical resistance you’ll run into. Don’t ignore them. If you’re better at performing a valuable task than most people, you can find someone with a need who will recognize that talent and possibly pay you for your services or a product you create.
  8. Associate With People Who Inspire You To Do Great Things – You may have noticed that when you associate with someone long enough, their habits, ways of thinking, and ideas start to rub off on you. That’s because peoples’ mindsets are contagious and they are transmittable from one mind to another. If you hang around someone who thinks little of themselves, has a negative world view, and has self-destructive habits, you’ll eventually show signs of being influenced by them. If you hang around someone who’s confident in themselves, has an optimistic mindset, and aims high in life, you’ll start to develop their mindset and their habits.
  9. Have An Open Mind – When someone closes their mind to something, they will cease to learn and grow in that area. All because someone doesn’t agree with something doesn’t mean they should be completely uninformed and closed off to it. The better option would be to keep an open mind on most topics and at least consider the root causes of situations. If you choose to be more receptive to ideas that you’re not used to, you’ll have more opportunities to uncover perspectives that could help you reach your goals faster.
  10. Ride The Wave Of Momentum – When you reach a point in your life when things seem to be working in your favor and you’re able to perform your work at a fast pace, you should milk it for all it’s worth. When you have momentum, you’ll make much more progress than at any other time and you should use this opportunity to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.
  11. Help People Solve Problems That Are Similar To Your Own – Solving our problems in life isn’t always easy. Our toughest problems often require the most creative solutions—solutions that are outside our scope of thinking. One of the most effective ways to solve your own problems is help people solve problems that are similar to your own. By solving the same type of problem from different perspectives, you’ll find solutions that you never thought of before that seem to work repeatedly for that type of problem. Eventually, if you’re persistent enough) solving these types of problems (even the toughest versions of those problems) will become second-nature to you.
  12. Move Closer To Your Goal On A Daily Basis – You should devote at least a couple of hours a day to what you are trying to accomplish in life. On average, the total number of hours a person sleeps and works in a day is 16 hours. That leaves another 8 hours of free time that can used for almost anything you prioritize. Never tell yourself that you “don’t have enough time.” Instead, find a way to transition from many of the activities you currently perform on daily basis to the activities that will bring you the results you want. If you’re really pressed for time, look into outsourcing activities such as web page design, video editing, graphic design, or whatever it is so that you can reach your goals faster.

To cap off, don’t wait until the time is just right to take the first step toward achieving your goals. The time will never be just right. Make the resolution to start where you are now and go for what matters most in your life. Where you end up one year from now is up to you.



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